This is how modern customer service works!
Personal. online. worldwide.

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Load the app - scan the code - and come out to your expert!

– Dr. Benno Schmitzer

Management of KURZ Digital Solutions GmbH & Co. KG


This is RemoteXpert

Offer your customers modern first-level support

RemoteXpert is a remote maintenance service tool that enables communication between your support team and your customers. Your customers can easily access modern support and solve problems and clarify questions with their mobile devices.

RemoteXpert-Techniker erfasst Object mittels QR Code

Incidentally, your customers will automatically find the right expert - simply by scanning a QR code on the machine to be connected directly to the right expert. Without any registration or effort for your customers.

Support Agent grüßt RemotExpert Benutzer

In the video call, the customer now receives instructions and assistance to solve problems themselves - always under the professional supervision of your expert. Tools such as live drawing mode, instant pointer, or chat function during the call are helpful.
After the call, your experts manage the support cases directly in the application - conveniently from the workplace.

This is how modern support works!

Your advantages with RemoteXpert


For manufacturer

As a manufacturer of machines, it is important to them that customers are always satisfied and can rely on the best service on their part.

Personal customer service

Customers can contact RemoteXpert with questions or problems.

A much more personal support is possible through video telephony, so a second opinion can be obtained at short notice even with small uncertainties.


Faster customer service

With the video telephony, the service technician can immediately get a first impression of the current state and the condition of the machine / component / spare parts.

Travel expenses are eliminated and help can be provided immediately.


For technicians & service providers

Give exactly the support your customers need. The right contact person can solve the problem together with the customer at an unprecedented speed of reaction; without having to be on site. Problem lösen

Quick problem solving

The customer can get quick advice in the event of problems. In this way, incorrect operation can be avoided or machines can be put back into operation quickly after a fault.


Visual inspections can be carried out with the customer under the guidance of a support agent / expert / inspector. Deviating actual states can be recorded using the screenshot and chat function. The inspector's journey is saved on both sides.

Employee training

Up to 3 new employees can take part in training with an expert at the same time.

All training courses can be carried out via the camera, whereby the implementation can be observed by the expert and thus intervened at any time.


Service technicians on site

Service technicians on site can contact other experts at headquarters or get tips & help.



Für Maschinenführer

Do you have a machine in operation and every second of downtime causes costs?

RemoteXpert gives you direct access to manufacturer support.

Direct support

Scan the QR code and get help for the machine directly.

Personal, fast, and always with the right expert.


Knowledge transfer

The know-how of the older generation can be transferred to the younger generation much more easily through RemoteXpert. RemoteXpert can support younger colleagues with outdated machines or processes.

This is RemoteXpert

With RemoteXpert, your customers always have the opportunity to get in touch with the right expert. Immediately - online - worldwide
Your service team not only increases the quality of your customer service - you and your customers save valuable time & resources, since simple problems and maintenance tasks can be dealt with quickly and personally.

With RemoteXpert you always have the perfect expert at your side!


RemoteXpert is available on all common devices.
Mobile phones, tablets, PC & Mac.

On the web or as an app.

The core of RemoteExpert is unique: Download the app - scan the code on the system - and come out with me!
The fastest solution for the customer and a great one for the service provider relief

– Dr. Benno Schmitzer - Managing Director KURZ DIGITAL

Customer service quality

With RemoteXpert you offer your customers the opportunity to get help immediately
Exactly for the customer and his question

Minimize plant downtimes

The immediate help with personal online customer service avoids unnecessary trips to the customer and service assignments can be prepared more efficiently Immediate help with personal online customer service means that machines can be put back into operation quickly, thus minimizing system downtimes

Save travel expenses

The immediate help with personal online customer service avoids unnecessary trips to the customer and service assignments can be prepared more efficiently vermieden

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